​About My Work

      At Cal State San Bernardino I majored in art, starting out in stone sculpture (chisel, hammer, grinder & stone) and bronze sculpture (lost wax technique for casting). Later I ended up specializing in glass sculpture (mainly glass casting).   I have added Raku ceramic sculpture to my list of mediums, and also enjoy mixing mediums to get more interesting results.  Recently I have started working with glass again - kiln formed glass.

     Thank you for your interest in my artwork.


About My Raku Ceramic Work

     My ceramic pieces are hand built clay sculptures. After air drying, the clay sculpture is bisque fired in a kiln which hardens the clay. Next, I paint glaze on the sculpture and fire it in a Raku kiln. This differs from normal ceramic firing where the clay piece cools down slowly in the kiln.  In Raku firing, the piece is taken from the kiln with tongs when it is at its maximum temperature, still red hot & glowing, and is placed in a reduction chamber (metal container with a lid) & covered with combustible material (paper, leaves, sawdust, etc.) for about 15 minutes until the oxygen is gone from the chamber. The amount of oxygen allowed during the firing & cooling process renders some colors more metallic in appearance and creates the characteristic crackling effect. Finally, the piece is taken from the reduction chamber and cooled with water. This thermal shock stops the chemical reactions of the glaze & fixes the colors.

     The thing about Raku is that you really don't know how it is going to turn out.  It's always a  surprise.  Enjoy!




About My Glass Work

    It’s all glass!  My pieces are kiln formed glass. I use different colored glass powders to create a picture on a sheet of glass. Because the glass colors melt or burn-out at certain temperatures, I layer the colors accordingly, then I fire (fuse, slump) my work in an electric kiln. Next, I add more colors of glass powder to the picture, re-fire, and so on. A finished piece of art has been fired in a kiln numerous times in order to achieve the desired color combinations.  The layering also adds depth & dimension.
     I hope that my artwork captures the reflective quality of both glass & light, along with the vibrant colors found in nature.


Moran Nhel